All Malayan Estates Staff Union (AMESU)
in short, was founded way back in 1927. It is one of the oldest unions in Malaysia . It represents about 5,000 employees in the planting industry, categorized as Clerical, Health, Medical and Technical Staff. 

By 1927, the ground work for the formation of an organization took shape to cover estate staff employees. The organization called the “Estates Asiatic Staff Association” was registered in 1928 under the Societies Ordinance.


The fear of the employers kept a large section of the potential members away from the Association and the Association did not present itself as a force to be reckoned. Meanwhile, similar Associations were formed at regional and estate levels. In order to make it more effective and to pursue common objectives, the leaders of the Associations took the initiative in 1935 to consolidate all the other Associations and form the “All Malayan Estate Asiatic Staff Association.” This Association was registered in 1936.


Latar Belakang AMESU (Bahasa Melayu)